“I Can Fix It”

I don’t do comics without Bridget very often, she is, after all, the focus of the strip. Sometimes I will do a Debbie-centric strip or two, when I want to make jokes about the funnier side of being an adult. Debbie’s life sometimes mirrors mine a little bit, so I have fun creating storylines around her from time to time. Continue reading

“Mint is Furious”

I feel like I touched on something a just little bit profound with this comic. How often do parents (or any adult in a child’s life) say contradictory things like, “Don’t let people push you around, stand up for yourself and what you believe” followed by, “you’re not allowed to wear that shirt, I don’t care if you like it or not, it’s too old and I’m throwing it away. Don’t argue with me”
This one was fun to draw. Bridget is so incredibly small that fitting her and Debbie into the same frame presents a challenge, still, Continue reading


Around the time I first drew this comic, I went to visit one of my sisters. While there I had an amusing conversation with my niece who was 15 at the time. I was talking to her, doing that thing that annoyed me to death when grown up did it to me when I was a kid. Continue reading