“A New Look”

It took me a while to develop the new drawing style.

With the old style, here I heard frequently that it looked, “too digital.” These types of comments usually came from people who didn’t have experience with the creating digital art, and seemed to assume that all one had to do was turn on their computer and click a few times and art would magically appear without need for skill or talent.
While this attitude is of course, wrong, it didn’t change the fact that a lot of viewers thought my art was “artificial.”
So, I played with a lot of different styles before achieving something that looked more organic. What I realized was, my critics didn’t actually care where or how I had drawn the strips, just how they looked.

Then the challenge was how to incorporate the new style into the strip. I didn’t feel like just suddenly switching without explanation would do, and I wasn’t about to gradually morph over the course of 10 strips or so. So I broke the 4th wall, and made a meta-strip, which is one of the great things about comic strips, that you CAN be meta, Bridget is allowed to acknowledge that she is a cartoon, in ways that would not work as well were she a live action character.

BOTW_WP_A New Look

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