“Brain Cell”

So this is actually a redo of a very early comic in the old style (click here or here for more information on the stylistic change). I chose to redo some of the older comics because the jokes were pretty good, and I felt like they deserved artistic-reincarnation. The cartoon Debbie suggests, “Pony Princess” is a spin-off on the frequently mentioned, and much-detested-by-Bridget “Princess Lovey” cartoon.

Princess Lovey in all her splendor

Princess Lovey in all her splendor

Who is Princess Lovey? A very popular cartoon TV show that all the girls in Bridget’s class love to watch. Princess Lovey is a representation of one of the types of children’s’ entertainment that motivated me to create Bridget over troubled Waters in the first place. I worked as a Nanny/Au Pair for several years and in that time I had occasion to view a lot of kid’s shows, so much of which were pure schlock. So, I invented a completely asinine Princess, and gave her the stupidest, most uninspired name I could think of… Princess Lovey. As you can see in the old-style comic she used to look quite different, but, like everything else in the Bridget over troubled Waters world, she needed an update. the new character design of Princess Lovey is loosely based on second generation anime-weary “hipster-style” illustrations seen on DeviantArt, and shows like Adventure Time.  I did this for a few reasons, one of which was to differentiate the cartoon-within-a-cartoon from the cartoon it was in. Try saying that three times fast.

One of my nieces has said this is her favorite Bridget comic of all time. She likes to act it out when she sees me.  And so, I retroactively dedicate “Brain Cell” to my little Squishkin.

BOTW_WP_Brain Cell

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