Bridget knows that she wants to either be a scientist, (Nobel prize winning, of course) A professor, or the President of the United States, when she grows up. Although, if she had it her way she wouldn’t have to wait until she grew up. Youth is such a hindrance to her aspirations.

What’s the deal with Kiti and Sasquatches?  Wasn’t her name spelled “Kitty” before? What about the Giant Squid?

Yes, Kiti’s name was spelled, “Kitty” in the old comic. So why the change? Well, the Kittikachorn family is Thai, and people kept telling me they assumed she was Japanese because of Hello Kitty. So I researched Thai names that had a Kit-sound in them, and I discovered a couple of interesting things.
Thai names are often quite long and complex, so having fun nicknames is a cultural thing. That is why Kiti’s mother is named Mint, and her father Pancake. I discovered the girl’s name Kitima, and then the last name Kittikachorn, and I just really liked the combination of sounds, Kitima Kittikachorn. And even though, the nicknames don’t need to sound anything like the formal names, I thought, with a name like, “Kitima Kittikachorn” she would just have to be called Kiti.

Okay, Sasquatches… Why Sasquatches? Well, Kiti is a bit of a tom-boy, she’s a bit of a troublemaker. She likes to climb trees, and get into all kinds of mischief. And so do Sasquatches… allegedly. Sasquatch is a funny word, and the idea of two little girls hopping about and pretending to be giant, hairy, cryptozoological ape-creatures is pretty funny too.

And the Squid? Ah, Squid. Squid is another great word. Squid, squid, squid. I can’t say squid without smiling. And it is a food that a lot of children can agree to hate. There is actually a long-running squid joke within Bridget over troubled Waters. It is featured more-so in the forthcoming HUGE BRIDGET OVER TROUBLED WATERS PROJECT!!! but if you are a fan of the old comic you will no doubt remember, when Kiti’s little brother is born, Bridget gets him a stuffed Giant Squid as a “welcome to the world present” and Kiti remarks upon the resemblance between the baby and the squid. If you don’t remember, or you are new to the strip, or you just want to read that whole storyline again, go here. Just remember to start from the bottom of the page, and depending on your browser, you may have to hit, (earlier posts) a few times to get to the beginning of the storyline. All the strips in that story are tagged with the word “Boom”




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