Around the time I first drew this comic, I went to visit one of my sisters. While there I had an amusing conversation with my niece who was 15 at the time. I was talking to her, doing that thing that annoyed me to death when grown up did it to me when I was a kid.Wait, did that make sense? I mean I remember as a child, I hated when grown-ups talked to me about “when you were a baby, I remember blah blah, oh the day you were

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.16.03 AM

“I’ve been downhearted baby, Ever since the day we met”

born blah blah” and here I was doing this exact thing to my niece. Oh well, she didn’t seem to mind. Anyway, I told her that the day she was born, my father faxed my high school to let me know I had a niece. Before the word, “fax” had finished exiting my mouth she shrieked with laughter, “A FAX?!?!? Who sends a FAX?!”

I will tell you now, I have never felt so old.

But the glee on my niece’s face, the pure, untarnished exhilaration of mocking my arcane technological reference was so apparent, that I had to turn it into a comic. 
I did have a lot of fun drawing 1990s Debbie though. Can we just revel in the 90s splendor of everything about her?

  • Layered, Rachel-from-Friends-hair.
  • Teal eyeliner.
  • Woven friendship bracelet.
  • Overalls.
  • Smiley Face babydoll tee.
  • Plaid shirt.
  • Hoop earrings.
  • Talking on a Payphone.


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