“I’m Dying”

This is one of my favorites. I really do just, love this strip.

For a few reasons actually, one, it genuinely happened, only replace Bridget with me, and Debbie with my DH and up the OTT-drama factor by about 30. See, I get hungry and there’s really only one good pizza place that delivers to us, and they take a full hour to bring it. I was moaning on the floor,

Me:”I’m SOOOOOOO hungry”

DH: “The pizza will be here in 20 minutes”

Me: “I can’t wait that long. I need pizza now. I’m actually dying”

I also love this strip because it was the first time I began to explore detailed backgrounds and saturated colors. This strip is a massive nod to the work of Bill Watterson. He often made Calvin’s fantasy worlds more realistic than the “real world” within the strip. In the tenth anniversary annotated Calvin and Hobbes, Watterson explained, that as children, sometimes the world of one’s imagination is more vibrant and therefor more real than the outside world, where everybody is always telling you what to do etc.
I certainly experienced this childhood phenomenon of getting lost in one’s own world, I remember being so enraptured by my thoughts that adults wondered if there might have been something wrong with me. Really, whatever I was imagining, was probably just more enjoyable than what they had to say. Ask any child whether

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.43.02 PM

A secret, biogenetic gene-splicing lab has accidentally released hybrid squid-people

they would prefer focus on a dinner of kale and quinoa, (yes, I’m a superfoods hipster, I ate quinoa long before you ever even heard of it, back when you had to see a man in a trench coat to find out where the healthfood store was. As a child I hated quinoa.)
but ask a child whether they prefer to focus on the quinoa or pretending to conquer the villainous squid-hybrids,and they will say squid every time.

Bridget is like many children in that she too has an active imagination, so I chose to make the backgrounds of her desert fantasy world more vibrant than the “real” world of her and Debbie’s apartment. Also, the extra saturation of the yellows and oranges helped create a scorching heat look.
Since drawing this strip I have experimented further with this type of background and they are getting better and better.

BOTW_WP_I'm Dying




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