“Kiti’s Hair” parts 1 and 2

As I have mentioned before, Kiti is a bit like my best friend, and not so very long ago, she became fed-up with her hair and elected to have me cut it. She wanted one of those cute, sassy little “side-cut” things. Where it’s buzzed down on one side and stays long or longish everywhere else. What she ended up with was more, “I got my head stuck in a blender”

She was a good sport about it though. And thus, these comics came about.

I did laugh quite a lot while I designed Kiti’s haircut result.

The thing that makes me smile most about this story is how happy Kiti is with the results. Bridget wants so much to make her friend happy, and she is horrified when she messed up, but Kiti, being the little rebel she is, loves it. She couldn’t have asked for anything better. Kiti’s mother, Mint, is pretty traditional and believed long hair is a sign of femininity and grace. She has refused to let Kiti cut her hair in the past, so Kiti saw only one option.

309 Kiti's Hair

BOTW_WP_Kiti's Hair pt II

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