“Just in Time”

I’ve often thought, that the way children rebel, is always in the way most antithetical to their parents. If a child tried to rebel against me by listening to metal, I would not be bothered in the least. Even if I didn’t enjoy the music, I could look back and remember feeling that way, I could identify with their rebellion, thus rendering it no rebellion at all. But say a child rebelled against me by taking a 4 year long vow of silence. I would be beside myself with frustration, totally unable to understand their motivations. I would absolutely not know what to do. Kiti does this to Mint. Not the silence, but,┬áKiti’s absolute glee regarding her haircut is endlessly funny to me. Poor Mint. All she wants is for her daughter to look like a darling little girly-girl. Kiti, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with her mother’s traditional views on fashion. Kiti wants to wear blue glitter on her toenails and ride a jet-pack to the moon.

This strip is, in some ways, an homage to a short story by my father. In fact, when I first posted this strip, he called me up to remind me of his story and read the entire thing to me over the phone. I had forgotten about it, but the story must have lurked, somewhere in my subconscious.

BOTW_WP_Just in Time

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