“I Can Fix It”

I don’t do comics without Bridget very often, she is, after all, the focus of the strip. Sometimes I will do a Debbie-centric strip or two, when I want to make jokes about the funnier side of being an adult. Debbie’s life sometimes mirrors mine a little bit, so I have fun creating storylines around her from time to time.

This strip and “Just in Time” are interesting to me because they occur completely outside Bridget’s view. Even though she cut Kiti’s hair, she isn’t in the room for either of these strips. Also, we get to see inside the Kittikachorn household and learn a bit about their family dynamic. My characters kind of show me who they are, I don’t ever sit down and say, “okay, this person is going to be left handed and hate cucumbers, and they give carriage rides around San Francisco in a cart that they pull on a penny-farthing.” (Although, that does sound like an amusing character)

I think I'll call him, Sherman.

I think I’ll call him, Sherman.

I usually just draw what comes to mind and insodoing, I discover things about my characters as I go. So it’s almost as much fun for me to see what happens as it is for a reader.

I think, based on what we see in this strip, that Mint is pretty much the one who “runs the show” so to speak in the Kittikachorn family. Pancake doesn’t talk much unless it’s necessary. He went against his family’s wishes when he became a chef. Pancake comes from a long line of taxidermists, and they expected him to take over the family business when he grew up.  Pancake does the majority of the cooking in the restaurant. He is a fantastic chef and creates spectacular dishes. Apart from the squid of course. And Mint does the business end of the restaurant. She rings people up, she waits tables, she orders the linens and so forth. She does some cooking. Mostly prep work and desserts. Mint is quite proud of her award-winning, coconut pudding parfaits. Still, Mint is pretty traditional in some of her views, and she believes that long silky hair is a sign of feminine grace and beauty.

BOTW_WP_I Can Fix It

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