Spring is Here

BOTW_SpringAnd Bridget couldn’t be happier. She lives in Poppy Valley, and as the name suggests, come spring time, fields and meadows are in full bloom. Poppies. Poppies everywhere. In fact, all the streets and hotels etc. in Poppy Valley are named after flowers. There’s the White Poppy Cafe, Desert Flower Hospital, the complex Bridget and Debbie live in is called Blue Fescue Apartments, the “Evil Twins” live on Chinchweed Road, and of course we cannot forget, The Red Maid Cottages (read the whole story here, just remember to start from the bottom)

Poppy Valley has many of its establishments names this way, because some of the names of desert plants sound so great. Coyote Melon, Milkweed, Smoke Tree, Blazing Star . How could you not want to name places in town after plants like that?

So, what’s going on with this HUGE BRIDGET OVER TROUBLED WATERS PROJECT I keep hearing about? You ask?

Well, It’s going. It’s happening, I can tell you that. There are several steps in the release of the project, and one of them will be coming out rather soon. In a matter of weeks actually, so brace yourselves for some really fantastic stuff.

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