Bridget knows that she wants to either be a scientist, (Nobel prize winning, of course) A professor, or the President of the United States, when she grows up. Although, if she had it her way she wouldn’t have to wait until she grew up. Youth is such a hindrance to her aspirations. Continue reading

“Brain Cell”

So this is actually a redo of a very early comic in the old style (click here or here for more information on the stylistic change). I chose to redo some of the older comics because the jokes were pretty good, and I felt like they deserved artistic-reincarnation. The cartoon Debbie suggests, “Pony Princess” is a spin-off on the frequently mentioned, and much-detested-by-Bridget “Princess Lovey” cartoon. Continue reading

“A New Look”

It took me a while to develop the new drawing style.

With the old style, here I heard frequently that it looked, “too digital.” These types of comments usually came from people who didn’t have experience with the creating digital art, and seemed to assume that all one had to do was turn on their computer and click a few times and art would magically appear without need for skill or talent. Continue reading