“Only One Secret”

I’ve often thought the whole diet and health industry has over-complicated what really ought to be a simple matter.


saltyThe human body is born with the ability to know when it’s hungry.

But food is a hobby these days.

You can’t even go into an office supply store without being attacked by racks of candy and salty snacks by the checkout.

People eat for many reasons. They eat out of boredom, sadness, loneliness, because it’s mealtime, because it tastes good, because other people are eating, because it’s a special occasion.

bore sad lonley

But as far as I (and Bridget) can see it there is only ever one valid reason to eat, and that is… ready for it?

If you’re hungry.


 The so-called “logic” behind reading weight loss tips while eating cheese puffs is mind-boggling.

choco-baconcakeAnd yet, how many of us have done that?

How many of us have thought, ” I really shouldn’t be eating this. In fact I need to lose some weight. I know I’ll look up how to lose weight. But I’m also going keep eating this triple layer chocolate pizza bacon cake.”


I’m not saying the food-hobbyist situation is simple to solve.

I’m not saying decades of brainwashing and diet fads can be undone just by telling people not to eat if they’re not hungry.<- Wouldn’t that be nice though?

I think you’ll agree that the problem is obvious and the solution is simple.

But I also think we’ll all agree that actually implementing the solution would be very, very complex.


318_Only One Secret_Only One Secret

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