“I’ll Show Him”

After the stylistic changeover, I redesigned all my main characters. But can it be true I haven’t shown any of you the new Uncle Oliver? Well… Sneak- peak people, here he is.


Oliver Sneak peakPretty suave, if I may say so.

Uncle Oliver cooks something special for all the family gatherings and Debbie has had enough. This time, she’s going to outshine him with her little cheesecake bon bons.

Or not.

Because, as we see in the comic, choosing to replace cream cheese with canned frosting turned out to be a disgusting idea. 

Poor Debbie.

One must approach recipes from Pinterest with great caution. For every tasty crockpot beef stroganoff recipe there’s an equal-and-opposite, churro-fried, peanut butter and jelly, hot dog horror waiting.

Mayo is worse


I do like the bon bon illustrations.Bonbon

I borrowed the look from something I heard about called a French Fancy… Fancy a closeup?

What this comic has taught us is that Debbie really ought to stick to making soaps. Those shiny shiny bon bons look a bit like soaps.

Come to think of it, Debbie’s soaps probably taste better.

swan soap

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