“Crayon Art”

So you voted, and I took note. You have been a part of the Bridget over troubled Waters creative process.

Fans who have been around since the old-style comics will likely recall Ms. Fleischmann, the teacher of Bridget’s least favorite class. Bridget dislikes her methods and consequently, her. It’s not very fair. Then again, Bridget is six.

The problem is Ms. Fleischman’s exuberance paired with her new-age teaching practices, which Bridget finds to be of questionable value. We know Bridget takes her schooling seriously, but she can’t see the point of Ms. Fleischmann’s integrated studies class. In the forthcoming BotW book, Kiti describes the class as “pretty silly a lot of the time…. stuff like writing poetry about fractions.”  


I recently re-redesigned Ms. Fleischmann.

I think her new look is much more appropriate to the type of person she is: her long, crazy hair, her ecstatic expression and her flowing dress.



I draw a lot of my women in heels.

FleischfootI do this because, I personally never wear them, but wish I could. I think heels like Ms. Fleischmann’s are just lovely, so I try to add them into my drawings.

Why don’t I wear heels if I like them so much?

Pain mostly.

If you recall my post about the comic “So Hot,” you’ll remember I mentioned getting frostbite in New York.


This happened just after high school.

orange pickI had no real life plans set out, so my older brother Fred (who was attending college in New York) suggested I come live across the street from him for a while. I think he wanted to keep an eye on me. As many big brothers are, Fred has always been rather protective of me.

He didn’t really stop behaving that way until DH came into the picture.

He’s more relaxed now. But back then he wanted to know where is was, and what I was doing.

What on earth does this have to do with high heels?

bootsJust that it was winter, and I was wearing a pair of 1970s pumpkin-orange, hand-me-down boots, and as retro-fabulous as they were, they were not waterproof. 

A walk around campus, meant to be 20 minutes, turned into two hours when I got lost. So the snow leaked through the boots, and my Violet Charles toes became violet-hued toes. Not knowing any better, I treated my frozen piggies by plunging them into super-hot water the moment I got home. I must have damaged something because my toes stayed pale gray/purple and completely devoid of feeling for literally years. Seriously.

flamingofeetIt’s only been in the last few that I’ve regained pedal sensation. This meant that for a while I could wear the most insane heels in existence if I wanted. My feet always felt like death, so I didn’t have to worry. But once the feeling came back…OUCH! And I have somewhat wide feet, and most gorgeous heels aren’t made with splayed-out, flamingo toes in the designer’s mind.
And I don’t fancy crunching them together like I used to.

So I avoid heels roughly 364.2 days a year

322 Crayon Art_322 -Crayon Art-

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