“Butterworth over troubled Waters”

We love the absurd melodrama of Julia Quinn’s fictional Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron don’t we?

It pops up in several of her books (eagle-eyed viewers will notice some of those book covers roughly approximated in this comic.)


So Debbie is trying to write the whole thing?

Indeed she is. Long time fans of my comics will remember Debbie once wrote a terrible detective novel, and with her being such a huge Julia Quinn fan it makes perfect sense that she would have a go at it.

See the old-style comics of Debbie’s bad novel here.


Being the sister of a famous author is…

at times rather amusing actually. I forget that to other people she is the great Julia Quinn, because to me she has always been great. She is the brave soul who took a 13 year old me to London.


But I’ve always been really impressed with her books. In fact, as a wee one I developed a habit of heading straight to the romance section any time I was in a book store (back when book stores still existed) and immediately rearranging their displays to feature her books instead of whoever they had chosen.

It became such a habit that it turned reflex, and on my first date with DH we wandered into a bookstore after dinner and, you guessed it, I went straight to the romance section and started moving books around. I didn’t even realize I was doing it either until he said


Heh. It’s okay though. He still decided to marry me.


Last year I went to one of Julia’s book signings

I was sitting in the back of the room and fans listened enraptured to her talking about when she wrote her very first book, and how she thinks of her stories.

Before the signing, another one of the sisters, our noble patriarch, a nibbling and I had been to a chinese buffet. <- where I got the inspiration for this comic actually.

Ever the adventurous diner, I had eaten some “frogs legs” of questionably origin.


They may have been frog, then again they may have been some other small, muck-dwelling creature fished out of a drainage culvert. The point is, I wasn’t feeling that great so when a woman at Julia Quinn’s book signing quietly passed me a clipboard and whispered


I, unintentionally, but rather condescendingly replied


So, if that particular fan is reading this post, my apologies.


Self-promotion time

Murder Pigeon says he’ll peck someone else to death unless you go to patreon and pledge. 


And now: The comic


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